So you want the TSL In-Game Background music? Here’s how.

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I’ve had a lot of requests for the in-game background music that I use on TrainSimLive – it’s a chilled instrumental version of the main theme tune and I love how it fits with the games menus etc, so I’m really happy to now be sharing the music and helping you install it.

First note – this tutorial is not a general how-to on how to put your own music in the menus, I have already done all the “hard” work to make this a simple drop-in task so that everyone can do it. If you want to put your own music in then I simply direct you to google for it, I believe there are guides and tutorials put together by others.

Second note – if you are not completely confident copying and pasting files around using Windows Explorer then this is probably not for you.  I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible but it does involve opening up Windows Explorer doing a rename and pasting a file inside the games core content, if that fills you with chills then I’d suggest you probably should leave the game as is.

Last note – if anything goes wrong with the game you can just do a verify local file cache within Steam to restore it.

Ok, installation – the first thing you’ll need is the file itself, here – click the link to download  approx 43mb “DAV” file.  DAV files are the audio file format used by Train Simulator and are a proprietary variant of the WAV file format.  This file is saved in a ZIP file format so you will need to unzip it first.  You will find the DAV file inside.

Note: in the previous version of this article on blog spot, the file download was tricky for some browsers.  For this version, I have saved the file inside a ZIP so you will need to unzip it first.  You will find the DAV file inside.  Hopefully this is easier to download!


Once you’ve downloaded that it should be in your download folder somewhere – don’t ask me where that is, it’s different depending on how your machine is set up, what browser you’re using and so forth.  For me, they normally just appear in the “downloads” folder that is accessible directly from Windows Explorer.  I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

Let’s find the location the audio file needs to go, fire up Windows Explorer and go to this location if your installation of Train Simulator is in the default location. If it’s not in the default location, I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to figure out where it is now since I can’t predict what you’ve done 🙂

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulatorCore\Audio

Inside here you should find a file called:


Rename this to:


That way you have a backup and can quickly swap it back if you wish.

Now copy the file you downloaded (which, conveniently has the right name already!) into this folder.

Start the game, sit back, and chill 🙂


Full credit for the music goes to Duo Astral Plane who did both the main TrainSimLive theme tune music (with vocals) and this instrumental version for the in-game menus.  You can find out more about their work at and I sincerely thank them for their work putting this together!


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